Quit button in ubuntu doesnt work anymore

2 02 2007

This is the only real complaint that i’ve had with ubuntu so far since i’ve installed edgy (after getting past the “fsck died with error status 8” cause of the installer not putting the UUID in the /etc/fstab of my /home partiton that i kept from dapper to edgy). But anyway, ever since a couple days ago, for some reason when i click the big red button to “quit” (giving me a choice to shutdown, hibernate, log out, switch user, etc) , it just logs me out automatically without bringing up the window that asks me which option i would like to choose. So i can no longer just switch users and let my brother log in.. i now have to close everything and log out

of course its just a bug, but an annoying one.




3 responses

16 03 2007

same here, no solution either.
let me know if you find one.
did you install beryl?

18 03 2007

I fixed this problem by basically deleting my gnome config

after you do this, all your custom panel settings and config for some programs will be gone, so take note of what you want to save!

i think i deleted (all in your home folder)


and if that doesnt work, you can try deleting

.gconf (which will reset settings for a LOT of programs…)

18 03 2007

i also forgot to add that you will need to recreate all your panels, and add all of the stuff back like panels, the menu bar, notification area, application list, volume, clock,quit button, desktop button, etc etc

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