Macy’s Parade 2006 (yes im late lol)

19 07 2007

So yeah, my high school band went to the 2006 macy’s day parade. Exciting huh!

Here is a youtube video of the segment that ended up on TV. The funny thing is, the part about how Maku Wood winning that scholarship…. she is a girl, but the newscaster says “good for him”. How embarassing =/. CLICKY

Anyway here are some pics.


\/ The trump tower…. oooo tall!

\/ Me on top of some tall building, i forget which at the moment.

\/ Me and my friend hanging out in some random store. Im wearing my awesome hat that i bought off a refugee for 2 dollars in this marketplace. Not bad!

\/ Welcome, to times square. Its pretty πŸ˜€

\/ Me and my friend on the bus getting ready to leave for the starting point of the Macy’s day parade. It was like,…. 4 am, so we were all pretty tired, and some of us haven’t even gotten up yet really πŸ˜€ (points at friend in background)

\/ After the macy’s day parade. Notice how sweaty we are.

\/ me on a boat ride that we took on thanksgiving. Not only did we get a good dinner, it was really good view, and i think it being really cloudy made new york look that much cooler πŸ˜€

\/ Nintendo world! whoo!

\/ The site of the twin towers… ive never been at a more depressing place in my life =/

\/ When we were marching in the parade, i was on the very right, so i must of passed like 100’s of photographers and cameramen for various networks. Luckily my mom found one of my pictures for sale and we bought it and hung it up, here is a digital camera picture of it. Notice how wet i am.

\/ and finally, the patch and pin that we were required to wear during the parade. We got to keep them afterwards πŸ˜€




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