How to sync music, download album art, and convert movies to your Cowon D2 using Ubuntu Linux

17 10 2008

my cowon iaudio x5L recently died. I needed a replacement, and I settled on a cowon D2, which turned out to be a pretty sweet player. I wanted to try to see if i could have it sync my banshee library to the player to make it easier, and it turns out you can, but some bug or problem prevents it from being really easy. It is still possible, so I will explain my method for syncing music to my D2 using banshee, downloading and formatting album art, and converting movies to my Cowon D2

First, make sure you have the latest version of banshee, which you can download from their website:

Second, make sure your cowon d2 has the latest firmware. You can download the firmware here and instructions on how to install it are here.

Third, we need to create a text file to make banshee detect the D2, for some reason it doesn’t do it automatically. This text file also tells banshee to put the music files in the right place, to specify the folder depth so it places the music in /MUSIC/artist/album, and what filetypes the player supports so it will convert any filetype that the D2 does not support (handy!)

In ubuntu (gnome), you can start up text editor by going to applications > accessories > text editor or just running the command ‘gedit”. Now, paste this into the window:


Now, save this textfile with the name .is_audio_player on the root directory of your cowon. Now, you should be able to restart banshee, and it will detect the cowon D2 at the bottom. There does not appear to be a sync button, so highlight your entire library or whatever you want to sync, and drag it to the cowon icon. It will start sending your music to the cowon, as well as converting any file types that are not compatible with it and converting it into a compatible filetype.

Now, once that is done, since the Cowon D2 supports album art, here is an easy way to download album art to it. The cowon only displays the album art if a file named ‘cover.jpg’ is present in the album folder.

So, what we do first is: download albumart. You can download and install the deb here:

Then, open up albumart by typing albumart-qt into the console (applications>accessories>terminal)

Next, go to File > open and select your MUSIC/ folder on your cowon D2. Then, go to settings > configure on the albumart program and choose the ‘generic’ entry under “targets”. Click the box that says enable, and for the filename of the image, type in “cover.jpg” (without the quotes)

Now, since you opened your /MUSIC/ folder on your cowon, it should of searched the tags of all the files and listed all the albums. Highlight all the albums in albumart and then click the blue download arrow, and it will download the correct cover art, place it in the folder under the name ‘cover.jpg’, and even apply it to the file itself if the file format supports it (mp3 only i believe).

If you have album art that isnt found using albumart, you can find it and drag it to the album in albumart and it will convert it and place it for you.

Also, i noticed that the program has some bugs with non english characters (chinese…) and it would error out if it tried to download album art for that cd. If this happens, just select everything but that CD, and drag the album art manually to the album in the program.

Now, the final thing, converting videos to the cowon D2. This requires a program called avidemux, which you can get by typing in terminal:

sudo apt-get install avidemux

Now that you have that open, lets convert a video! Please note that converting wmv videos did not work at all for me, the audio was extremely garbled. Most other formats should work however.

Now that you got the program installed, open it. Its entry is located in applications > sound and video > avidemux. Open up the file you wish to convert, using file > open. After that, the video should appear in the program.

First thing you need to do is select the first drop down box under video, and select “MPEG-4 ASP (Xvid4)”

Second thing you need to do is to remove bframes. This can be done by selecting the second button under ‘video’, the button labeled configure. On the second tab, motion and misc, you need to de-click the box that says BVHQ, and lower the “number of b frames” down to 1. Now, click OK to save the selection.

Now, we go to the third button under ‘video” labeled filters. Click the button, then double click on “mplayer resize”. In the width section you should enter the number ‘320’ and in the height section, enter 240. You can leave all the others at their default. Click OK to add the filter to the queue.

Now, scroll down in the filter list until you find the entry called “resample FPS’ and double click on it. It pops up a window with some number in it. Delete it, and enter “30”. I am unsure what ‘blend’ does, but I clicked it just in case. Click OK when you have done this to add it to the queue.

Click close to save the filter list. Now you are all done! Now, back on the avidemux main program page, click the “save” button near the top. It will pop up a file lis window, you can just save it to <somevideohere>.avi on your desktop. Click OK, and it will convert the file. When it is done, all you need to do is drop the video file in the /VIDEO/ folder on your D2,  and if everything has gone well, it will play =).




3 responses

10 11 2008

thank you!
you really helped me, after having the faintest idea on how to convert a video for the d2 successfully

10 11 2008


i wish there was an easier way to do this, or to batch convert videos, but for now this is the easiest way

29 11 2009

just to let you know both the sync and movie conversion works with the new d2+ and using Fedora 11 64 bit

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