How to automate spark DataGrid with FlexMonkey 5.1.1

16 02 2012

After googling and searching, it turns out that the flexmonkey developers are currently leaving everyone hanging high and dry who want to automate a spark data grid. They say here: that it would be available in the next release …in the first quarter of 2012. Flex 4.5 has been out since may of 2011. It really is taking them 7+ months to add support for the spark data grid?

Whatever, this isn’t about my beef with the flexmonkey people (which could be a novel), but instead, i spent the past couple weeks dealing with their lack of documentation and lack of support for the spark data grid, however, i do believe I have fixed it.

To automate your spark data grids, try putting this inside your FlexMonkeyEnv.xml file:

This will work fine if you have no Item Renderers in your data grid, however, experimenting with it using a data grid that has custom item renderers, it doesn’t quite work, since I believe there are no entries in the xml file to tell the automation framework / flexmonkey to get the “automation name” of your item renderer, and conversely no way to get the automation name and turn it into something that flexmonkey can replay. More on this as I figure it out.




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