How to setup a Dazzle Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) on Windows Vista 32 bit

15 11 2008

Hello again!

I recently wooted ( a Dazzle video creator platinium or DVC170, and tried to get it to work. The straightforward method obviously did not work, as when i started the program, i would get a BSOD and my computer would restart. that sucks. Anyway, this is how you set up your Dazzle to work on windows vista 32 bit. It might even work for 64 if you download the right stuff, but I have no way to test it.

Ok, first off. You should have 3 to 4 cds in your package. I have three.

Instant CD recorder (blue)
Pinnacle Studio Quickstart (white)
Pinnacle Studio Bonus DVD NTSC (other people might have PAL, or both)

Ok, Now you need to install all of this. Its a PITA, and according to spybot it installs a shit load of stuff to your start up menu, which I am not sure if you can safely disable. Anyway,  Before you plug in your pinnacle, install the included software:  the instant cd recorder, then the studio quickstart, then the bonus DVD in that order. You will be asked to restart your computer a couple times, be sure to do that.

Ok, now the fun begins.

First, you need to insert the instant cd recorder disk (blue) and click ‘remove’ when the autoplay comes up. Why did i ask you to install this? because you have to enter a cd key, so by installing it, it still has all that stuff in the registry and the installation goes by a lot faster. Anyway, go to this link:

and click vista 32 bit and download.

Once it is downloaded, run the program, and it should reinstall/patch the program to the latest version.

Now, you need to update the main studio program to the latest version. Head over to this link:

and download and install the latest version. Once that is done, head over to this link yet again:

and browse down to the orange boxes, and find  “Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170”, And click on the correct link (either windows xp or vista 32, it appears they dont have vista 64 bit drivers though =/ )

Install those drivers, and restart your computer for good measure.

Now, here is the moment of truth. When your computer restarts, plug in your device. Start the Studio Launcher program and then click the button the left, the Pinnacle Studio Quickstart button. It will start the program, and take a super long time to load, and once its done, you need to click the ‘capture’ tab on the top left.

Now, this is where my computer blue screened when I first tried to set this up. If this happens, restart your computer, and go to the start menu > control panel > (in classic view) device manager > sound, video and game controllers and your DVC170 should be listed (if your device is plugged in). Double click it, it will pop up a window. Click the driver tab at the top, and then there should be a row of buttons on the left. Click “Uninstall”.  Click yes to confirm, and then the driver will be uninstalled.

Unplug your dazzle device.

Now, go back to the  driver update program you downloaded  (for me its called PCLEUSB2x32.exe. Install those again, and restart your computer. Now, before you plug in your dazzle again, go to the device manager again, click on the dazzle device, click the driver tab, and click update driver.  Click the bottom option, browse my computer, and leave everything at default and just click  next, and it should search (took a few seconds for me) and then say it found it and you can click ok.

Restart one more time for good measure (can never be too careful with windows) and then try opening the studio launcher again, click the studio quick start, click capture, and if everything went well, then it should bring you to the screen and you can now start capturing.

For settings, i just use MPEG 4, and full.

I hope this little guide helped! Enjoy your capturing =)