2 02 2007

So, my mom gave me her old scanner (a Visioneer OneTouch 8100) cause she never used it. I was excited upon receiving it because I no longer had to go into her office of clutter and doom to scan an image.

Fast forward to today, when i just tried it for the first time. I plug it into my computer while running ubuntu edgy, and try to fire up Xsane image scanner program…. well its plugged in and nothing is happening and Xsane isn’t doing anything (not detecting the scanner). So i hightail it over to google and find that this one scanner is on the linux “incompatible” list due to the lack of any documentation on this scanner whatsoever. Great.

Well, this scanner was designed to work with windows right? Maybe with the right drivers from the website, the scanner will at least work in windows… right? WRONG. The stupid drivers for the scanner that i downloaded off of the manufacturers site were horrible. They installed fine, but that was all about they did. I tried to configure the scanner drivers to save the picture of the scanned image somewhere, or at least open the image in some sort of image editing application. But every time I tried to configure an option, ANY option for that matter, it either said “this option is non configurable” or “the program has attempted to do an unsupported action” or something else along those lines. Great.

So the scanner does not work in ubuntu. The OFFICAL drivers given from Visioneer for windows XP (which is what im using) do not work, do not let me configure anything, and do not point me in any direction whatsoever in where the image file of the paper i just scanned went. So, this is essentially a nice big green paperweight.

EDIT: I however, figured out that if you dont install the drivers at all, and just plug it in and use the camera/scanner wizard in windows xp, the scanner works perfectly. It is still unsupported in ubuntu hardy however (7/12/08)

So, i guess the moral of this story is: Visioneer fails as a company. Ive given up getting support from them as ive read on various websites and review pages that visioneer does not support this scanner anymore.